Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.
Ryunosuke Satoro

Product Media Group is an international network of product media distributors.

Product Media Group, an international alliance of product media distributors

Product Media Group is an alliance of Product Media distributors with members spread out over the world. Our mission is to share expertise and knowledge about our products, marketing and sales and to grow together towards this goal. Bundling forces means we also increase our efficiency and stress the importance of corporate social responsibility towards all the production partners.

What is Product Media?

Product Media is a part of other media within communication and is essential for the image of your company or brand. It consists of all objects and products a brand uses to communicate with it's target audience.

Product Media is the cheapest form of media compared to other media within communication. Product Media can be adapted to your target.

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  • Seat Belgium: Canadadreef 3 - B-2820 Bonheiden, Belgium
  • Phone: +32 15 55 10 51
  • Seat China: No 101, Building 1, Alley 3, Cheng Nan Bei Rd, 510990 Jiekou, Conghua, Guangzhou City, China
  • Phone: +86 20 3790 8861